The Team

Resonance Technology Management

  • Stewart Page BSc, B.E., M.I.E.Aust., C.P.Eng.

    Director & Principal Engineer

    Stewart Page is the principal of Resonance Technology Pty., an Australian Corporation employing resonant technology for use in a variety of engineering applications. He is part owner of Resonance Technology International Inc. (RTI) and a member of the management team. He has over 30 years experience in product development and manufacturing including mechanical and electronics robotics design and various applications of high frequency vibration technology.

  • David Green B.E.(Hons.), M.Eng.Sc., M.I.E.Aust., C.P.Eng, F.A.I.C.D.


    David Green is professional consulting engineer responsible for research and development in mechatronics and signal processing. He has 25 years of experience as a practicing engineer in systems engineering and real-time electronics hardware/software with a background in dynamics, control systems. He is also a member of the RTI management team.