Business activity

Resonance Technology Pty Ltd is an Adelaide Hills based, compact design bureau that has successfully exploited its core technology interest in high power, high frequency, agile electro hydraulic vibrators.

This has resulted in the development of products including marine acoustic sources for mine sweeping, large scale composite compactors for the aluminium smelting industry and resonant pile drivers and drills.

The mine sweeping products  have required the development of a general understanding of naval practice and the development of sub sea handling and towing methods supported by marine appropriate data links and the like.

Manufacturing mine sweeping equipment for international Naval customers has kept the core capabilities alive whilst nourishing new projects.

Major Product Lines
Advanced Acoustic Generator
Infrasonic Advanced Acoustic Generator
Resonant Pile Driver RD260
Resonant Rotary Drill RRD150
Resonant Rotary Drill RRD100
Vibro-Compaction Unit