Submersible Acoustic Generarator (AAG) Overview
Hydroacoustic Low Frequency (HLF) sources and may be used in the protection and defense of both above water and underwater naval fleets.
Applications include anti-submarine warfare, diver interdiction, acoustic decoy systems mine countermeasures, tactical and strategic long range, calibration and oceanograpghic measurements.
HAI's Hydroacoustic Low Frequency Sources offer tremendous defense versatility.
• Energy signaling can be either continuous wave or impulsive.
• Operation can be at shallow or deep depths and configured either as a single unit or in an array.
• HLF Sources can operate at depths of up to 300 meters without pressure compensation.
• Deployment can be either on a tow body, moored or sub-surface platform.
• Ocean science and technology measurements
• Acoustic oceanographic data collection
• Anti-submarine warfare
• Strategic ocean surveillance and acoustic monitoring
• Mine countermeasures
• Long range underwater acoustic communications
• Underwater acoustic decoys

• Marine seismic gas and oil exploration.


Enemy surprise is not an option when it comes to maintaining Homeland Security. The safety of our port facilities, nuclear power plants, commercial carriers and other vessels and facilities critical to our economy are prime targets for our enemies. Our products and technologies are designed to protect against threats posed by underwater divers intent on carrying out their missions of mayhem.
HAI has developed extremely effective hydroacoustic based Diver Interdiction Systems (DIS).  These defense systems are designed to neutralize terrorist divers and thereby providing marine and underwater protection. The DIS acts against the threat of an underwater terrorist by delivering non-lethal acoustic low frequency energy into the environment which causes the diver to come to the surface for effective prosecution.