Submersible Acoustic Generarator (AAG) Overview
Hydroacoustic Low Frequency (HLF) sources and may be used in the protection and defense of both above water and underwater naval fleets.
Applications include anti-submarine warfare, diver interdiction, acoustic decoy systems mine countermeasures, tactical and strategic long range, calibration and oceanograpghic measurements.
HAI's Hydroacoustic Low Frequency Sources offer tremendous defense versatility.
• Energy signaling can be either continuous wave or impulsive.
• Operation can be at shallow or deep depths and configured either as a single unit or in an array.
• HLF Sources can operate at depths of up to 300 meters without pressure compensation.
• Deployment can be either on a tow body, moored or sub-surface platform.
• Ocean science and technology measurements
• Acoustic oceanographic data collection
• Anti-submarine warfare
• Strategic ocean surveillance and acoustic monitoring
• Mine countermeasures
• Long range underwater acoustic communications
• Underwater acoustic decoys

• Marine seismic gas and oil exploration.