Resonant Pile Driving
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Resonance Technology International is a Canadian company exploiting core technology developed by the Australian company Resonance Technology Pty Ltd, for Pile Driving and Geotechnics.


If your interest lies in these applications, please contact Resonance Technology International, or visit it's website:

The installation of piles and casings is becoming increasingly difficult as crippling restrictions on vibration become common in major urban areas. Conventional impact and low frequency vibratory methods are no longer available to the contractor to advance piles. High frequency conventional vibrators are able to reduce the measured ground vibration in many situations, however, they often cannot meet the restrictive limits imposed and may not be used immediately adjacent to sensitive structures. The use of super high frequency (up to 150 Hz or 9000 VPM) ‘sonic’ or ‘resonant’ pile drivers has proven in the past to permit ease of installation of sections to great depths with near imperceptible ground vibrations as close as 1 pile diameter. Early work in the United States with the Bodine-Guild sonic hammers and recent work with the Resonance Technology Intl resonant hammers has shown vibration free pile driving remains possible.
A core technology first conceived by Resonance Technology Pty Ltd in Australia finds application in the driving of foundation piles through the earth more quickly and efficiently than using sonic vibrations. It promises to replace most of the conventional equipment used today in the foundation construction and oil services industries.
See the videos of the application of this technology on the Resonance Technology International website.